Sunday, June 24, 2012

Must Share Beauty Tips From Shape

I found this on Pinterest and I had to share:

Beauty Secrets from the People Who Know Best

These are great makeup tips from Shape. I really liked the one about using black liner on the top lid and brown on the bottom. I like the drama of black liner, but if I use it on the bottom, it seems to narrow my already small eyes. I tend to leave the bottom unlined.

Another great tip is mixing your moisturizer and your foundation to make your own tinted moisturizer. I've been doing this for years using the back of my hand as a pallet and applying with a foundation brush. 
If you don't own a foundation brush, get one. The coverage is just perfect, not to heavy or light and you'll blend your makeup flawlessly. It seems faster to me as well which is a plus on busy mornings.

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